What to Expect on a Sunday Morning

  • If you meet God most readily in deeply resonant traditions and supported by gorgeous music from choirs, organ, piano, and other instruments, you’ll find that in worship with us.
  • If you meet God most readily in informal, contemporary expressions of faith supported by guitars, drums, vocals, and audio-visual technology, you’ll find that in worship with us.
  • Some of us wear nice clothes like suits and ties to worship out of respect for God’s presence and an attitude that we should bring to God our best.
  • Some of us wear jeans and casual attire to worship out of a belief that God accepts us as we are and we should enter his presence with humility.
  • We love this plurality of expression as we meet as a loving family in community. It doesn’t matter what style you prefer—or if you readily move from one to another. Our goal is to provide a variety of worship experiences because we meet God in different ways.



All of our Sunday services follow an order of worship that includes prayer, scripture, a sermon, and a call to respond.


We practice an open table, meaning anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, regardless of denomination, is welcome to partake.


Church School from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sunday isn’t just for kids: There are classes for adults, children, and youth alike. This is just one part of a broad emphasis on spiritual development through classes, seminars, small groups, all-ages fellowship, community gatherings, and mission.