Refugee Resettlement


Our Refugee Resettlement Team evolved from a sense of love and a commitment to the biblical maxim of “Welcoming the Stranger”. We feel blessed to know and resettle brave men, women, and children from many countries, including Russia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Vietnam, Burma, Eritrea, Congo, Liberia, Cuba, Burundi, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bhutan.

The goal of our team is to help all refugees, regardless of nationality or religion, become self-sufficient as soon as possible through activities and services such as:

  • Finding affordable apartments and donations of furniture and clothes
  • Finding jobs and English tutors
  • Enrolling children in school and providing computers to families with high school students
  • Helping with doctor and dentist appointments and accompanying pregnant women to prenatal check-ups
  • Providing donated bicycles for school and work and, when they are ready, teaching refugees how to buy cars and houses
  • Offering free Citizenship classes so they can become American citizens

We are their friends and “go-to” resource people when they need help or have questions. We are their advocates when they have landlord problems or other legal issues. We do what we can to make their lives a little easier such as installing A/C units in hot inner city apartments and hooking up donated washers and dryers. We also teach life skills such as riding the bus to work, shopping for groceries, filing income taxes, and keeping safe.

If you have a little time and a big passion for helping others, we would love to talk with you. No long-term commitment or experience is needed. Ministry opportunities fit all schedules and we learn on the job. And, quite likely, you will say—as many of our volunteers do—that “this is the most rewarding experience of my life”.