Local Mission Team

Serving Our Brothers and Sisters in Allentown

Local Mission Team is dedicated to living the Gospel as espoused by Jesus in Matthew 25- the poor, the hungry, the homeless, children living in poverty- all those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged living in inner city Allentown.


DAYBREAK (Alliance Hall, 6th & Chew Streets, Allentown)

Daybreak is a Monday-Friday drop-in center run by The Lehigh Conference of Churches. Clients are those suffering from mental health issues, poverty, and /or addiction issues, as well as the formerly incarcerate. All are in this structured program to rebuild their lives.

  • Three meals a day are provided with the help of partner churches.
  • Entertainment and life skills are provided regularly.
  • FPCA provides meals six times a month plus an annual summer picnic outside the city with transportation and food.
  • Christmas gifts
  • Fundraisers which include a spaghetti dinner and plant sale
  • Support is given monetarily and requested needed items from the clients.
  • Team attends monthly “Support Team Meeting”.           


This is a Christ centered, community focused congregation serving homeless people who worship at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 8th & Walnut Sts., Allentown. The Mennonite Ministers seek to have a ripple effect in the community of Downtown Allentown by sharing Christ’s love through acts of kindness, justice and cultivation of healthy relationships.

  • Volunteer pastors live out their faith through service and worship.
  • The congregation meets at 4PM every Sunday in the sanctuary and on the steps of the church for prayer and fellowship.
  • Dinner is served at 5 PM and is provided by partner churches including FPCA.
  • FPCA hosts the Christmas Dinner.
  • Financial assistance is provided upon request as well clothing and household items.
  • FPCA assisted Ripple Ministry with non-profit status.

JERUSALEM HOUSE MINISTRIES (Corner of 9th & Turner Streets)

Members of the First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, in support of the efforts of the Lehigh Valley Conference of Churches, have chosen to donate the profits from the sale of our cookbook to emergency sheltering for the homeless in the Allentown area. The efforts toward assembly of this cookbook were 100% donated, and some of the production costs were donated.
is an evangelical mission based on sharing Jesus Christ as foundational in all that they do. Pastors Daniel and Georgia Adams administer to Allentown residents who live between 5th & 13th Streets and Allen & Union Streets. They welcome the “poorest of the poor” in America who suffer from poverty, addiction, and crime. Jerusalem House operates a food and clothing pantry as well as offering regular worship and faith small groups and counseling.

  • FPCA has been providing a strong relationship as well as monetary assistance, clothing, household items, food and members have done structural construction.


This Allentown elementary school is located on Susquehanna Street. FPCA has a six year partnership with this community school offering support to academic and extracurricular activities- such as Teddy Roosevelt Birthday party, Book Blast, Storytime, Winter Festival, El Sistema Music Program. FPCA has contributed financial support and donations of winter coats and clothing, uniforms, knitted hats, underwear, socks, sneakers, shoes, toys, school supplies and food items.


on 521 N.Second Street is a new partnership which arose through answering the need for food items for backpack buddies who leave school each weekend with needed food items. Monetary and food items continue to be given as well as school supplies, clothing, coats, shoes and sneakers.


hosted by Sue Kratzer and FPCA volunteers brings the Allentown community together each January with two free dinner seatings. Local Mission provides financial support.

WINTER WARMING SHELTER (for the homeless)

is an overnight shelter operated from November to April since 2014. FPCA has been a major contributor of financial as well as relational support. Local Mission Team members attend regular community meetings to support and guide the continued existence of the shelter.


FPCA works in conjunction with St. Paul’s Church, Union Baptist Church, and Zion UCC Church to provide breakfast seven days a week for those in need who frequent the winter shelter and/or homeless.


is a program which offers security and support from Monday through Thursday served by various downtown minsters. FPCA heeds the call for whatever might be needed.


is an agency of the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley. This shelter provides limited term apartment living for families with children. Services include re-habilitation services, financial management classes, etc. to help families get back on their feet. FPCA has provided significant financial support with members working in the completion of expansion of the program with the acquisition of an adjacent building in 2014.


at FPCA supports the downtown ministries through contributions of food items and school supplies. Very generous support is given each summer cy children and parents of VBS.

Join us and you may find, like many of our volunteers, that your life will be changed. Jesus abides with the people in these programs. Each of us is made in God’s image, and God takes care of God’s own.
Participating in these related programs may lead you to have greater reverence for the gift of each day, waste less, smile more, pray for those in need, judge less by appearances, feel your own burdens lightened, and increase your desire to give.